VetSet SaniZorb Bucket 25kg

Dry Powder Bedding Disinfectant


  • Eliminates ammonia, reduces bacteria and viral contamination
  • Absorbs moisture - helps keep bedding stay fresher for longer
  • Anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal.
  • Suitable for use with sawdust, straw and on rubber matting.
  • Very low dust during application.
  • Neutral pH - non-irritant to animals.
  • Multiple bactericides - both instant and slow release for prolonged effect.
  • Very low cost per dose.
  • Helps reduce bedding costs by staying fresher for longer.
  • Improves slurry breakdown and reduces odours.


A powdered disinfectant, which should be sprinkled on the bedding, and around the housing for a healthier environment for livestock.


Directions for use:

  • Ensure area to be treated is dry and free of soiled bedding and waste.
  • Apply at approx 300g /m2 per week or 60g for 5 days a week.
  • Remove damp and soiled bedding every 2-4 days and re-apply SaniZorb.
  • For use as a cattle footbath treatment, use with clean dry sand mixed at 40% SaniZorb to 60% sand.
  • Use in a footbath at a depth of 50mm to 60mm.


Product Code: 1819