VetSet Pro Multi Organiser Kit

Vetset Pro Carry
Vetset Pro Kart
Vetset Pro Sort
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Veterinary transportable multi organiser kit system allows you to keep everything you need all in one place.


  • Lockable for safe storage and transport of veterinary medicines.
  • Big capacity for easy storage of veterinary tools and equipment.
  • Simple stack & lock system for multiple units.
  • Weather and dust proof.
  • Sturdy soft rubber kart wheels for quiet running.
  • Removable telescopic handle.
  • Designed to fit easily in and out of vehicles


Made up of 3 inter-lockable storage solutions


VetSetPRo Kart

600 x 467 x765mm (50 Litres)


VetsetPRO Carry

585 x 385 x 320mm (50 Litres) -


VetSetPRO Sort

452 x 358 x 79mm (6 Litres)


Units can be purchased individually.





Product Code: 118138

VetSet Pro Carry

VetSet Pro Kart

VetSet Pro Sort