Lambing Grab Kit

PRICE FREEZE Still £98.00 +VAT Real handy, strong, 'stand-on', refillable lambing box containing a wide range of Lambing essentials: 500 Castration Rings, Castration Pliers, 100 Arm Length Disposable Gloves, 500ml VetSet ObiGel (Obstetric Gel), 500ml VetSet Iodine, 1 Syringe Feeder and Catheter, 1 Lambing Rope, 200ml VetSet BlueSpray (Antibacterial Spray), 6 Marksman Aerosol (Marking Aerosol), 2 NutriSet OptiLamb - 11 dose (Twin Lamb Formula), 1 NutriSet Lamb Boost -25 dose (Lamb Energy Boost), 1 Digital Thermometer We don't think there's much else you're going to need!

Product Code: 1767