D&H Direct offer a comprehensive range of products which can be utilised in field conditions.

Animal Handling

Cattle Crushes, Lambing Pens, Hurdles etc, are all available to order. If you cannot see exactly what you are looking for, call our dedicated sales team to discuss your requirments.

Water Troughs, Pipes & Fittings,

All animals require a water source. We supply a variety of water troughs depending on what your requirments are. to minimise disruptions when installing a trough, we are able to supply all the fiitings and pipes you require to enable a smooth installation.

Field Feeders & Troughs

Minimise wastage, by using a feeder or trough. If you cannot find what you require, please call us on:01553 819590.

Grounds Maintenance

From time to time, grazing land requires some attention to ensure you are obtaining the most from the land. We have a wide selection for of equipment you may require.

Fencing Equipment.

Running short on staples? We have a wide range of nails, staples and equipment to ensure the your fenced stay in prestine condition

Electric Fencing

D&H Direct have a extensive range of electric fencing and tools for any occasion. We also have experienced sales staff who will be able to offer any questions regarding which system would be required.

Portable Structures

Pig arks, mobile equine & livestock shelters, & poultry housing is all available to order. Items will come flatpacked, with detailed directions on how to construct the housing.